Sed Libera (2022) – for saxophone quartet and live electronic performer. Commission for Klexox ensemble. Premiered at KLEXOSLab V, June, 2022, Plasencia, Spain.

Neither of us is powerless (2021) – for four voices and two live electronic performers. Commission for solistenensemble PHØENIX16.

Fontana (2020) – Sound installation for autonomous noise machines for the Kleine Wasser Speicher, Berlin. Presented as part of the project MULTIPLE and the Blind Signal series. Kleine Wasser Speicher, September, 2020, Berlin.

Le jardin es vivant avec le bruit (2020) – Sound installation for autonomous noise machines. Presented as part of the project MULTIPLE and the Blind Signal series. Kleine Wasser Speicher, September, 2020, Berlin.

Cantos del Arenal (2020) – for chamber orchestra of Bolivian Native Instruments, 6 voices, and electronics. Commission for the OEIN (Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos) and solistenensemble PHØNIX16. Maerzmusik 2020/2021, Berlin.

Cuaicari áiteíyá (2019) – for chamber orchestra and electronics.
Duration, 15 min. Premiered at Borealis Festival, January 2019.

Sensuous Matter (2018) – for Cybernetic ensemble: violin, double bass, percussion, Double noise harp, and four autonomous spring sound machines(kinetic sound sculptures). Performative Installation and 41-minute electro-acoustic work. Premiered at Spektrum, Berlin, October, 2018.

Écayári (2018) – for Shakuhachi flute and live electronics. Premiered at the European Shakuhachi Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2019.

Cuicári heciariyá (2017)– for acousmatic multichannel ambisonic system. Included in the Klang- Raum-Skulptur is a dome-shaped sound installation. Realized with the technical support and performance of Fabien Artal.
Duration, 11 min. Premiered at Spektrum, September 2017.

Yiríya áiteiyá (2017)– for percussion, sampler, violin, viola, cello and live electronics.
Duration, 15 min. Commissioned by the Heroines of Sound Festival, Berlin. Premiered by ensemble Mosaik, June 2017.

Yuariya Haramára (2016)– for amplified percussion solo and live electronics. Duration, 17.15 min.

Yuariya Vaicári (2016)– for prepared/extended amplified violin, noise harp, and live electronics. Duration, 14.15 min. Commissioned by Karin Hellqvist. Premiered at the Ultima Festival, Oslo, (Sep 2016).

XLIII Memoriam Vivere (2015)– for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, french horn, trombone, percussion, piano, violins, viola, cello, and double bass. Duration, 14 min. Commissioned by the International Cervantino Festival for the London Sinfonietta.

TINIWE (2014) – for flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, two percussionists, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and electronics. Duration, 13.5 min. Commissioned for the ensemble CEPROMUSIC.

Vakuum (2014) – for amplified objects, live electronics, and video. Collaborative work was created with Julius Holtz. Duration, 19 min.

CARO CIBUS (2013)– for voice, bass clarinet, cello, electric guitar, piano, percussion, electronic media, and video. Duration, 17 min. Commissioned for the Ensemble Decoder.

Islas Migrantes (2012-2013)– for piano and electronics. Duration, 11 min. Commissioned for Keith Kickoff. Premiered at CMMAS * (June 2013.)

Songôj Fontoj (2012)– for violin, double bass, spring noise harp (sonic sculpture), and video. Duration, 39 min.* Performed at AUXX, Berlin, (Nov 2012)

Ruinas Circulares (2012)– for trombone and live electronics. Duration, 13 min. * Commissioned by Freiburg Experimental Studio for Andrew Digby

Bestiario Onírico IV – Humedal (2011-2012) – flute, oboe, bass clarinet, amplified percussion, accordion, piano, violin, cello, and double-bass. Duration, 8.5 min * Premiered at the 46th Darmstadt Internationalle Ferienkurse für neue musik by ensemble El Perro Andaluz , July 26, 2012.

Humedales Trio (2011) – for harp, trombone, percussion, and computer performer. Duration, 7.5 min * Premiered at the Sonology Institut, The Hague, October 2011 Performed at Theater, The Hague, June 15th, 2012.

Bestiario Onírico III – Amba (2011) – bass clarinet, electric guitar and accordion. Duration, 7.5 min.
· Premiered at Stanford University, May 20, 2011, by Matthias Badzcong, Christine Paté, and Seth Josel. · Performed at LEAP, Berlin, September 25, 2011.

Rhizomatic Portal (2010)– Intermedia audiovisual installation work · Premiered at SOMArt, San Francisco, California, April 2010
· Presented at CCRMA, Stanford University, May 2010.

Mesetas (2010) – for laptop Orchestra and noise harps Duration, 10 min ·  Commissioned by SLORK (Stanford Laptop Orchestra)·  Premiered at Stanford University, May 2010.

Bestiario Onírico II – Ciudadela (2009) — flute and cello
Duration, 8.5 min. Premiered at the Exconvento del Carmen, Guadalajara, México by Wilfrido Terrazas(flute) and Nathalia Perez (cello). (09, 22, 2009)

Bestiario Onirico I – Migración (2008), —flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone, viola, cello, double bass and electronic media. Duration, 12 min. Commissioned for Ensemble Surplus, performed at Stanford University Feb 2009. Performed at Schloss Solitude summer course, Stuttgart, Germany (August, 2009.)

Pasajes Quimera (2008)—for video and sound media installation Presented from 14:00 –21:00 hrs. on July 12 and 19, 2009. Commissioned by the sound gallery Ohrenhoch der geräuschladen, Berlin.

Bruma de Ensueño (2008)—for video and electronic media Duration, 7.5 min.  Commissioned for the SLAM Festival, Seattle. Premiered October 10, 2008.

Grieta y Luz Emergente (20007)–flute, oboe violin and cello Duration, 10 min. Composed for the Ensemble Surplus. Premiered at CCRMA, Stanford University (05/30/08)

Nubifragios (2007)—flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, and string quartet Duration, 10 min. Commissioned by the ensemble recherche. Premiered at the Ensemble Academy – Freiburg, Germany (09/10/07.) Performed at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City (10/19/07.)

Nubes de Temporal (2007)—flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and cello Duration, 8 min. Commissioned for the Ensemble Interconterporain.  Premiered – Monterrey, Mexico (11/22/07.)

Guijarros- Humaredas (2006)—three percussionist and electronic media Duration, 13.5 min. Composed for and performed by Christopher Froh, Florian Conzetti, and Loren Mach, CCRMA, Stanford University (02/12/06.)

Ventanales III (2005)—for three voices, flute, shakuhachi, violin, double bass, piano, and electronic media. Duration, 8 min.· Premiered at Festival Signal Flow 2005.

Añoranzas del Fuego (2004)—for bass clarinet and double bass Duration, 10 min.

·Premiere performance at Mills College, Oakland, California (May 2004), by Matt Ingalls (clarinets) and David Arend (bass.) Performed by SFSound, San Francisco(April 2005)
Performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble, New York (May 2008) Performed at the SLAM Festival, Seattle ( October 2008)

KOMMA (2004)— Public art installation on the Amstel bridge of Amsterdam-The Netherlands – A collaboration with Mexican visual artist Sebastian Romo. The total duration of music material: 4 hours and 31 minutes duration of installation: 3 months.

Sed de Arcano (2004)— for string quartet. Duration, 13 min.
· Recorded by Graeme Jennings, Erik Ulman, Charlton Lee, and Heather Vorweck. Performed by the Arditti String Quartet at the Radar Festival in Mexico City, May 2007, and in Berlin, January 2008.

Invernales (2003)—electronic media Duration, 10 min. Premiered on the Future Music Oregon (FMO) concert series School of Music, University of Oregon (May 2003) Performed at Stanford University 2004. Selected for performance at the SEAMUS Conference 2006.

Natura Artificiala (2003)— electronic media
Duration, 10 min. Premiered on the Future Music Oregon (FMO) concert series, School of Music, the University of Oregon (May 2003.)

Torrentes (2002)—for piano. Duration, 7 min. Premiered by Ensemble Octandre as part of the Rassegna Internazionale Di Composizione “Afeo Gigli” Bologna, Italy (07/12/03)

Reflejo Lunar (2001)—for woodwind quintet Duration, 3.5 min. Performed at Oregon University, (May 2003.)

Sombra y Muro (2001)—for string quartet Duration, 7 min. Premiered at Oregon University, (May 2003.)

Tríptico (2001)—for solo alto saxophone Duration, 6 min. Premiered at Oregon University, (May 2003.)

Ecos Oníricos (2000-01)—for two alto saxophones and two percussionists Duration, 10 min. Premiered at San Francisco State University, (May 2000.)  Performed at Oregon University, (May 2003.)

La Habitación Vacía (2000)—for soprano, flute and harp. Duration, 12 min.
Composed for The Hubal Trio, premiered at San Francisco State University, (May 2000) Performed at University of Oregon in May 2003.

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